"Horrible Massacre of Emigrants!!" The Mountain Meadows Massacre in Public Discourse


Worse Than Sacrilege. 

The hyena is said to prowl around grave-yards and revel in the destruction of the homes of the dead, but it is the only quadruped that is thus guilty. We are, however, credibly informed that some in human shape have again desecrated the resting places of the victims of the Mountain Meadow massacre. In 1859 a detachment, under Captain (now General) Carleton, of the 1st Dragoons, gathered the bleached bones together and erected a handsome monument over the mound of graves, but the miscreants who had part in that horrid massacre tore it down.

In May last, Captain Price, of the 2d Cav., C. V., passing through Mountain Meadows, once more gathered up the scattered bones, and built a durable and substantial monument at the scene of the massacre. Recently this monument has been torn down and the last resting place of the victims of the most unparallel atrocity of the age, disturbed. Our informant says it is almost impossible that the Indians have been engaged in this business, for they are peacable and well disposed.

We have no words of horror equal to express the detestation of the civilized world at this inhuman, damnable act. If there is an avenging God he will pursue these vandals until they meet the rewards of their horrid crimes.