"Horrible Massacre of Emigrants!!" The Mountain Meadows Massacre in Public Discourse



Mormon Conference—Railroad Enterprises—The Mountain Meadow Massacre—Suits to be Commenced.

—Great preparations are making for the Mormon Semi-annual Conference, on Oct. 6.

Work on the narrow-gauge railway from Utah Southern to the mining district in Bingham Canon is to be commenced immediately. The distance is 17 miles. The American Fork Narrow-Gauge is finished 20 miles. A road from Echo, on the line of the Union Pacific, through Parly Park Mine to Provo, is now under way.

The Nevada papers indorse ex-Bishop Smith who made the affidavit of the Mountain meadow massacre, and deny the assertion of the Mormon organs that he is either a murderer or a perjurer. The Mormon press does not contradict the truth of the affidavit.

Suits are about to be commenced against the Mormon city authorities for the recent destruction of property in houses of ill-fame.